Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SDMP Records offers a free download of "By Company They Mean Me"

SDMP Records offers a free download of
"By Company They Mean Me"

San Diego, CA, July 14, 2010 -- SDMP Records offers a free download of "By Company They Mean Me" at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/iansounds2 "By Company They Mean Me" is the second solo release by Guitarist/Producer Ian C. Bouras, best known for his work with NYC Rock/Reggae band AñaVañA.

"By Company They Mean Me" is instrumental music with classical guitars, sweeping orchestras, hip-hop drums, and has Ian producing, playing guitar, programming drums, and mixing instrument samples from different musical genres.

“By Company They Mean Me” is SDMP Records first “digital-only”, and SDMP hopes to be one of several small record labels to lead the way in helping independent artists and labels even the playing field with the major record companies by releasing some of their music digitally.

Ian’s previous solo work garnered him critical acclaim: “A surprisingly unique and fresh sound. Artists like this are responsible for the evolution of musical genres." --- Blips and Beeps, and although only containing two tracks, Ian continues to push musical boundaries with “By Company They Mean Me” which "soars with the orchestral beauty that might accompany a wordless, slow-motioned scene from a love story. Then, in turn, it plunges the listener to the stark depths of longing and loneliness with a guitar that pulls at the heartstrings. Ian is definitely an artist with a creative ear for unexpected sound directions that lead to wonderful discoveries." --- Phosphorescence Magazine

The free download of "By Company, They Mean Me" is available at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/iansounds2

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