Wednesday, June 18, 2014



The Medicine Makers are a rock band from New York City. They have been playing live at various venues throughout New York City to perfect their sound, which often draws comparisons to The Doors and Pink Floyd but with more of a hard-driven, rhythmic sound.
They take the stage at exactly 10:00pm!!!
Arrive early! They play for only 45 minutes, and they are very punctual with their times.
We had a big showing last time here – let’s keep the mojo rollin’!
Open Bar 7-8pm. Drink specials after 1am.
Although young, The Medicine Makers are made up of educating and performing veterans of the New York City music scene. Led by Ger Stevens as lead vocalist and bassist, their repertoire and fan base continue to increase. Born with the ability to construct a song properly, Ger Stevens has been the band’s main songwriter since its inception.

The Medicine Makers have gone through several line-up changes, but have solidified their roster with Allen Childs on guitar, Daniel Mauck on keyboards and guitar, and Paul Faust on drums. This line-up has been delighting critics and fans alike, with well-crafted songs, a tight and raw sound, and a highly engaging and energetic live show.

With their solid line-up and locked-in sound, The Medicine Makers will be recording some new material in the spring of 2014. This new recording is sure to catch the ears of many in the music industry and help add many fans to their already substantial fan base.

A new recording, great songs, and a continually impressive live show will help secure 2014 as a breakout year for the Medicine Makers, proving they are a world class rock act. Don't miss any opportunity to catch The Medicine Makers in New York City before they become a national act.
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