Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Trouble With Love

My friend Allen Childs recorded a short piece I wrote, and did a great job.
Allen Childs began playing the guitar at age 16 during a forced break from athletics due to injury. For this lifelong music lover, what began as a hobby and a way to fill his time quickly progressed into something more. As a student at Columbia University, he began to take classes in music theory and music history. Allen also received his first formal training on guitar from one of New York City’s best guitarists, Jake Ezra Schwartz (The Book of Mormon, Van Davis). By the time he graduated, he could no longer resist the call, and he made the decision to pursue music as a career.
Allen attended The Collective School of Music ( in New York City, where he studied with many more of New York’s most highly sought professional guitarists, alongside devoted students from all of the world. There, he was exposed to - and forced to learn - all kinds of music that he had never played before. Jazz, bossa nova, Afro-Cuban, and funk became staples of my previously blues-rock dominated musical palette. Since his time at The Collective, he has been gigging around the city and teaching students of all ages and ability levels. Allen is also working on his highly anticipated debut solo CD.
Learn more about Allen, and his music, at

Monday, April 27, 2015

"there are no limitations when it comes to this amazing artist...tantalizing guitar" - Music Emissions

Guitarist Ian C. Bouras transcends rare neurological disorder with unique musical style

Forging his own path, Bouras inspires others with a new album and live performances

NEW YORK, NY – April 27, 2015 – (GuitarPR) – Guitarist Ian C. Bouras, challenged by a rare and progressive neurological disease has charted a unique musical path, creating a genre unto its own that will inspire others who face similar obstacles. With a new album out and an upcoming live appearance, Bouras is reaching new fans and providing encouragement to those who may have seen their dreams seemingly washed away by disease or other disability.
Bouras’ latest album release, “Two Sides to Every Sunset” (, has received many positive reviews from indie music media outlets praising this instrumental CD that includes elements of dub/ambient reggae mixed with Spanish guitar.
While his disease is progressing slowly, Bouras is dealing with something called Ataxia, a relatively unknown neurological condition. Basically, all of his coordination is starting to deteriorate, and sadly that includes his ability to play guitar the way he used to. To counter this oncoming disability, he started to experiment with live looping and has developed a method of creating music which allows him to be a composer, musician, and audio engineer all at the same time.
As Bouras describes it, “I have attached a guitar synth to my guitar and play bass, piano, synth, guitar and more, live from the synth and then loop them to create a full band. I run everything through a delay pedal and a phase shifter. I have at least one other pedal and I manipulate the sounds live. I am not thrilled about having Ataxia, but I am happy to be forging my own path, and am the first person, that I know of, to be doing what I’m doing. People do live looping, but not like this.”
Ian C. Bouras will be spreading his inspiring story with performances of his Live Looping at the upcoming New York Metro Abilities Expo ( taking place at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center on May 2, 2015. He will appear at the National Ataxia Foundation booth from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.
More information about Bouras’ music can be found at Find out more about Ataxia at
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"genius behind a guitar" - Gigband

"could easily heralded as the quintessential ambient composer but there is so much more to his music." - Vents Magazine
 "there are no limitations when it comes to this amazing artist...tantalizing guitar" - Music Emissions

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ian C. Bouras Puts Together 'Pieces of the Past'

This week confirmed rumours that Ian C Bouras was releasing a new album named 'Pieces of the Past'. Already causing a buzz online, the New York City musician, producer and guitarist has put together some of his best pieces of the past. This marks the name perfectly for this compilation album.
With Ian's past releases boasting a plethora of rave reviews, this new CD is set to make tidal waves amongst his fans and the music industry. The album is set to be released in May.
As a previously nominated top artist by the Billboard magazine, Ian C Bouras has an impressive background as a musician and artist. Starting off in 2004, as a main guitarist and songwriter in NYC rock/raggae band 'AñaVañA', Bouras proved his talents by showcasing multiple musician roles.
Proficient in many genres, Ian has played and recorded in a range of genres of music including rock and Reggae. Not frightened to wander off track, he has also ventured into more alternative styles like dub, electronic and Spanish guitar style.
Several songs on 'Pieces of the Past' are supported with positive reviews by music critics and industry professionals:
"Ian C. Bouras creates a cinematic, instrumental songs with embellishments of jazz, avant-garde, experimental, contemporary instrumental, and new age infusions that are almost indescribable. The tunes bring together classic guitar stylings with a reggae beat and electronic elements ...pleasant and inventive...5 out of 5 stars" --- Matthew Fross
"best described as ambient electronica with elements of pop-jazz and dubwise reggae and the inclusion of some Spanish and classical guitar...a haunting, eerie, dusky mood...a likable, noteworthy contribution to ambient electronica." --- Alex Henderson
"unusually moody feel...a little eerie, without being full-on scary...haunting instrumental...a breath of fresh air" --- Dan MacIntosh
In recent years Ian has produced his records under SDMP Records. This was seen as a major progression in his career as a solo artist. SDMP have developed a reputation for signing well sought after musicians, who produce and showcase real talent. They cater for varied styles which further suits Ian's broad range.
Free downloads and track previews are available from

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Michi live in New York City

Michi live at Rockwood Music Hall 

"writing, singing and young, Michi is a triple threat, "Pop Star" is written all over Michi."
- Joe Tell, Joey Tell's Music Blog

"an exceptionally talented songwriter"
- Clayton Lewis, The Procrastinating Musician

Her music is definitely worth checking out!

Visit her online at: